Do You, Bruce, Take This Fag?

I haven’t spoken much on the subject of the current attempt to destroy another sacred institution.

I really don’t want to. It nauseates me, and fans my usual hatred white hot.

Even as I write this, the douchebag in charge of GLAAD is on Dennis Miller trying to sell fag marriage to the general public. I could leave it alone if they stayed in the closet where they belong.

They don’t, so I won’t.

Generally, I think fucking with the Constitution is a terrible idea. Terrible. But now, I want this thing put to rest once and for all…put to fucking death. A constitutional amendment putting a stake through the heart of this issue is desperately needed to keep these deviant activists face down in the mud where they belong.

The media aside, there is a huge monster out there waiting to pounce on fagdom…statistics show a good, strong 70% of Americans just hate this shit. And we are still a Democracy. Even a pro-fag liberal like John Kerry is afraid to buck this tide.

The narcissistic queers, slaves to their nature and their handicap, don’t have any choice but to shoot themselves in the foot on this, and shoot they are.

Shit happens, and it’s gonna happen soon.

Sorry, babe.


I wrote this on another blog, and it will probably be my last word on the subject, unless something interesting comes along:

Marriage is a timeless, time honored, and sacred institution, blessed by God who appears to have been the first one to perform one and set the standard that it is between a man and a woman.

I have no problem with the state being involved in it, seeing that the couples are suitable and healthy (medically) for each other, and charging a small fee.

The life changing nature of marriage, and the fact that it is likely to produce more taxpayers for the state, and the cost of raising and nurturing those taxpayers, makes it obvious that some sort of tax break is the right thing to do for a traditional heterosexual couple who are honoring God and themselves.

Any other argument against this is just libertarian homo twaddle, and throwing the tragedy of divorce into the mix is a complete red herring.

Mankind is a fallen and corrupt thing, and destined to fail at every turn, and yet we strive to do good, and set noble goals for ourselves.

Just because marriages fail, doesn’t mean the institution is wrong. Humanity fucks up everything it touches, eventually. You don’t kill a ward full of infants because a few of them might grow up to become murderers.

Yet Another Update:

Go read Fred Reed on this…I’m surprised to find we are in one accord.

ANOTHER Update, Dammit:

I wrote this in another blog, and wish to store it here in case I have to whap some homo over the head with it again:

Homo writes: Don’t use the Bible as a weapon.

I shall have to hoist Mr Sizer on his own canard…this tired nonsense of bringing up Leviticus is as facile as attempting to discredit the Founding Fathers because they used outhouses and didn’t have electricity.

Unlike the Constitution, the Bible IS a living, breathing document, with a beginning, a middle, and a coming end.

Jeremiah 31, 28 on says how those Levitican rules were lifted (and Ezekial 18), and Romans 1:21-32 lays out how the Son of God felt about the matter (try Hebrews 8: 8-12 & 10: 8-12 too).

Since you doubtless have a nice big Bible like Clinton did when it served him, you should be able to see the progression of laws and covenants pertaining to a nomadic people on up into ‘modern’ Bible times where the gospel began to go out into the world.

The only consistent theme is that God really does not like homosexual activity.

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