One Plus One=mc2…

Well, The Wife and I spent most of yesterday getting the boy and his bed out of her room and back into his old room with his sister. He went through a bad phase of sleep apnea, and she felt it best to keep him beside her at night. Finally, though, the sleep deprivation got to her, and he’s doing better, so she reclaimed her room.

He got a new full-size twin bed, and Thunder-Bunny lost the crib and gained his toddler bed.

Putting those two together is like making anti-matter, but my dog training skills were put to good effect. They are napping quietly, now. I just made a fierce face and threatened to take their new beds “to the garbage”…”No Daddy! No!”…”Then shut your gobs, you! Get back in your own bed!…If I hear so much as a single solitary peep…what? Was that a peep!?” “No Daddy!” “Allrighty, then…don’t make me come back in here or you’ll be sleepin on the floor!” “Yes Daddy…can I have a smooch?”


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