Since today is the anniversary of the Rhode Island ‘Great White Nightclub Fire’ I present, for your edification, the touching tribute I wrote last year…

Once Bitten, Twice Fried…

At least 96 people were killed and 187 hurt after a Rhode Island nightclub erupted in flames during a ‘Great White’ rock concert Thursday night…

I guess if you gotta go, half smashed, listening to some good metal oldies is better than taking a swim with a Kennedy. I feel a little guilty, though, like when you hear a bus went over a cliff and you think ‘Yikes!’ and then you hear it was migrant farm workers and breathe a sigh of relief.

A bunch of RI yuppie Democrats is pretty far down my scale of working up a good give a dang…sorry. Now, if it would have been a Jim Jeffords fund raiser, I’d be actively celebrating. Instead I’m just annoyed at real news being covered up by the media anal exam they give every trivial story nowadays, though I must admit that the whole live-cam on the scene ‘Firestarter’ re-enactment is pretty cool.

As usual, I wonder what is going on in the real world that is being obscured by this Reality TV Rhode Islander Roast. And I can’t wait for all the crocodile tear ‘memorial’ ceremonies to start…little stacks of flowers, cards, and bears left by well-coiffed fakers who are just hoping to get on TV while they pose for the cameras.

Ever notice how their mascara never runs, these psuedo snifflers? And the cameramen, bored, always oblige by filming the hotties as they pose by the ‘makeshift’ memorial. Heck, go give those bears and flowers to some sick little kids in a hospital, these folks are just ash tray filling, now.

If someone wants to start a fund for those burn victims, though, mark me down for a donation…that shit hurts. If it were me in that hospital, I’d be begging someone to OD me with a tube of street H before I had to endure any more pain…only to spend the rest of my life looking like a fallen souffle’.

Oh, well…I’ve spent enough time grieving over this…

[Yeah, I edited it a little…sue me. Go back in my archives if you care to see how this originally spewed forth…a little writing lesson]

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