More Thoughts On The Russian Possum…

The Chechens are the Cubans of Islam. Much like the Cubans (a Soviet satellite) have gone all over the world spreading the religion of Communism with violent professionalism, Chechens have shown up in every muslim conflict, training and fighting to spread Islam and kill infidels. They are Islamicly motivated killers, who also happen to want Russia to leave them alone.

They are Freedom Fighters who use Islamic terrorist tactics in their fight for freedom from Russian tyranny. Using this to somehow say that the US and Russia are somehow ‘partners’ in the War on Terror is like saying that, because the Mafia helped us out a little during WW2 with the docks, that the Mafia is somehow our ‘partner’ in the War on Crime.


The Russians fit every description in Bush’s ‘For Us Or Against Us’ speeches…they harbor terrorists, train terrorists, finance terrorists, and have never once stopped trying to destroy and undermine us since their Revolution in 1917.

It has been stated (correctly) that we have nothing to fear from the Russian ground army…poorly trained conscripts with no motivation to harm us. What I DO fear, though, are their missile forces. I also fear their financing of Islamic murderers who wish us dead.

When you combine the skilled schemers of the former KGB with the newly born capitalistic juggernaut that Russia is becoming, you have a potential for real mischief…mischief we are blinded to by an institutional belief (the State Department) that ‘the Soviet Union is dead’, and our current preoccupation with the Middle East. Add to that these constant rumors of so-called ‘accidental’ releases of Soviet nuclear weapons and the mischief turns quickly into disaster.

Without the income from oil, and the influx of cash and other assistance from communist countries, the loose structure of Middle Eastern ‘civilization’ would collapse like a sand castle does from a wave. Propped up by First World enemies who wish us harm, the Islamics begin to look a lot more sinister than they already do.

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