I’m All A-twitter…

It’s Wednesday night, folks, and we know what this means, right kiddies?

Yes! Star Trek night! Yaaaay!!

I wonder if Tucker is going to get second helpings from T’Pol, or are the writers going to make him act like a homo again?

I love this show. Wednesday is my TV intensive evening, involving musical VCR’s and whatnot to get around scheduling conflicts.

I watch Enterprise and the O.C., and then I watch Smallville and Angel on tape. Sadly, this is Angel’s last season on the WB. Hopefully UPN will pick it up, fire all the writers, and get Josh Whedon to come back and punch it up.

Sigh, happiness is so fleeting. I think I’ll request Kraft macaroni & cheese with hot dogs for dinner, and watch TV in my Punisher jammies.


Man, they are sure using Ryan as the Goat on the O.C. I am totally hooked into this soap. I think I’m touching my feminine side…s’cuse me, I’m gonna stick my finger in it…

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