Color Me Paranoid…

It has been my contention all along that the Russians are ‘playing possum’, and that they just unloaded unprofitable real estate and did a little corporate reorganization; and then, with the help of their willing accomplices in the US and World press, they staged a psuedo collapse in order to lull the world into complacency, and to allow Bill Clinton to destroy the US Military as best he could, he being their Manchurian Candidate…well, one of them, anyway.

Now I see this article, and the hair rises on the back of my neck. If my thesis is true, this could easily signal the start of some skullduggery.

To wit:

The failed launch has shown the gap between the real condition of the Russian military and the ambitions and muscle-flexing of the Russian leadership,” said Yevgeny Volk, the head of the Heritage Foundation’s Moscow office. [Emphasis mine]

But the ambitious exercise hit a snag when a ballistic missile – a missile that is launched on a high-arch trajectory to hit a designated target – failed to blast off as scheduled from another submarine, the Novomoskovsk, a government official said on condition of anonymity. The official said the automatic safety system blocked the launch for unspecified reasons. [Emphasis still mine]

So, you want us to believe that in a country being run by the head of the KGB (former? You go ahead and believe that if you want…) supported by all of his ‘former’ KGB cronies, that has opponents drugged and disappeared…has members of it’s armed services having ‘accidents’ with what are arguably superior weapons systems than ours? When you get shot in the back of the head for fucking up, you tend to not fuck up.
And Russian universities produce some of the greatest scientific minds in history. Underestimating them is like underestimating a member of the Gracie fighting family just because they are a spic.

And, speaking of strange bedfellows, what the fuck is the gosh darn Heritage Foundation doing with a ‘Moscow Office’, anyway?

A Defense Ministry spokesman refused to comment. And Russian state-run television channels, which are lavishly covering the daily activities of Putin ahead of the election, did not report the failed launch. [Still mine, dammit]

Soho! The Russki populace, during an election year, do not know about this, but the rest of the gullible world gets the memo?

We are the only thing standing in the way of China and Russia…two evil superpowers with dark ambitions.

It is my serious concern that we are feeling the gentle, grease covered finger, lubing up our nether port, preparatory for the Commie Colonoscope of Doom we are about to receive.

And we are bending over and holding our own ankles, rather than fighting like hell the way we should be.


I’m sure this fits in here somewhere.

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