On ‘The Passion’…

I’m debating whether or not to see this in the theatre. On the one hand, there are sure to be some audience members who puke, and that’s always fun.

But, I hate to cry in public (ET nearly killed me)…and if I wanted to kill a bunch of Christians in one place, and if I had a bomb or some nasty bugs, a theatre is where I’d do it.

Maybe I’ll surround myself with fat Christians.

Saw Mel with the always execrable Diane Sawyer last night. It truly looked to me like he was doing everything in his power to not slaughter her right there on national television. I’da loved to see him leap on her with a mallet and some spikes and cruciform her to the floor. “Think it’s funny, you smirking bitch!?! Huh!??!…” WHAP!!SHRIEK!!

You should see the dreams I have when I’m asleep.

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