You Say You Want A Revolution…

I’ve touched on this before. I’m afraid to touch it too hard, because it might swell up and get all stiff, and the next thing you know, Jack-Booted Thugs will be kicking my door in.

So I’ll have to (un-customarily) tippy-toe around this issue with kid slippers on.

That being said, if you want to perform any significant changes in the America of today, certain people…sets of people, will have to stop doing what they are doing.

People who make bad laws need to stop.

Judges who make bad legislation need to stop.

People who carry out the orders of people who make bad laws and bad legislation need to stop.

However you feel a need to make them stop is fine by me, as long as they are stopped.

What occupations make up the list of people who must be stopped?

Topping the list are judges. They sign the search warrants, subpoenas, and other orders that let pigs come into your home and take your children, your property, and give your elderly parent a heart attack because the incompetents got the wrong house.

Legislators of all stripes and levels must be stopped. They feel compelled, because of personal ideology, or because they need to appear to be doing something to justify their salaries and benefits, to make bad law after evil law that affects literally every aspect of your life, from the certified food that you eat, to the tagged mattress that you sleep on.

Fuck da police. They are the cheap, mindless muscle that government uses to hammer you down, because thoughtful men made it difficult for government to use the military on US civilians.

The police have gone from Officer Friendly to black armored thugs in my lifetime. I wish you could see how it used to be. Now, you have armed bureaucrats whose first loyalty is to themselves and their benefits and their pensions, and you are the annoying subhuman creature that keeps their job from running smoothly.

I say this as a former policeman who has worked every level from the street to the DA’s office, and barely got out alive because of corrupt cops who were trying to kill me. And no, I’m not going to tell you that story, so don’t ask.

Pigs come in all flavors, from the IRS Agent to the Game Warden, but they all have one thing in common. You are guilty until proven innocent, and you are still guilty after being proven innocent. And they are all backed by an army of faceless, nameless bureaucrats who keep the oppression machine running, and those who provide donuts to the governments gun-goons (even though it’s true, I just threw the donut part in for whimsy).

Yeah yeah yeah, I can hear it now…”Next time yer in trouble, call a hippie!” Fuck you. We wouldn’t have to call a cop if they’d keep the known dangerous thugs WHO THEY HAVE FILES ON AND KNOW WHERE THEY LIVE AND WHAT THEY DO back out on the fucking streets. If a Sheriff in Arizona can put up tents and make a little concentration camp for these assholes, what’s your excuse?

We wouldn’t have to call a cop if every crime-free citizen who wanted to could carry the weapon of their choice anywhere they wanted. Now, the only reason I’d call a cop to my house is to tell him a big whopper about how this asshole with nine .45 slugs in his back managed to crawl back into my living room and die. Ignore those drag marks.

Irony is getting a $125 dollar speeding ticket for going five miles an hour over the speed limit while driving to the police station to report your bike stolen because the police are too busy to come out to your house to take reports anymore.


I’ve said it before: I’d join a militia in a heartbeat if they weren’t all racist, Jew-hating, Rambo wannabees who like to give themselves military rank and titles.

I’m just one voice, crying in the wilderness, and the pigs are everywhere, and it’s over. But if you, and some of your friends want to work for change, hey, more power to you.

Good Luck.

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