This Disturbs Me…

This article was posted by Lee over at Right-Thinking and the usual suspects are poo-pooing it.

I cannot poo-poo it because A) I don’t have enough facts/knowledge to do so and B) On the face of it, partisan sniping aside, it makes an elegant, terrible sense to me.

I do not know anything about the passenger manifest so I don’t know if the hijackers appeared on it or not. Holmgren’s statements about kerosene and burning rates and whatnot ring true to me. The Pentagon strike always bothered me, and didn’t look kosher from the beginning. I find it easy to believe Holmgren’s statements.

If someone could point me to a knowledgable site where Holmgren’s assertions are debunked, I’d be greatful.

Because, until proven otherwise, I believe him.


There’s a lot of heat on this subject, but very little light. Holmgren has been labeled an ‘anti-semite’ (more accurately, an ‘anti-Zionist’), as if that automatically indicates and inability to be right about something. I love the words and wisdom of Mark Twain and H.L. Mencken, and have owned several Fords, regardless of the anti-semitism of their creators.

Aaron gave me this link, which I’m still digesting. While enlightening, I don’t see how it negates or disproves Holmgren’s thesis.

Why didn’t the alleged Pentagon planes wings, full of fuel, splash flame up the walls of the building as it went in? I’ve seen many crashes, and the wings always come off. I recall being astounded at the lack of exterior damage to the building and grounds. And the video released briefly from the exterior security camera did not seem to me to support a plane crash, but did appear to support a missle strike.

People who automatically disregard a conspiracy theory bother me just as much as the ones who believe in a thing because it’s a conspiracy theory.

Our government has been proven itself time and again to be able to conspire against its citizens successfully, and for long periods of time. Why was McVeigh executed so quickly, and other murderers get their executions delayed for decades? And the Green River killer gets Life instead of a swift needle like McVeigh?

I don’t know what it is, yet, but something about this stinks. I’m not going to suggest it was The Joooos, or Bush and his evil minions, but I know enough about Bush’s dad and Dan Quayle’s Costa Rican cocaine dealing to know ‘something’s rotten in Denmark’, as it were.

…to be continued (?)….

Psycho Update:

How hard would it be, assuming you had the keys and unlimited access over the weekend, to replace all or most of the fluid in the fire sprinkler systems of the two towers with kerosene?

Just wonderin.

Extra Double Secret Update:

Okay, okay! I know planes hit the WTC! Duh! I saw that with my own eyes!

Jeez, people…that’s not the question. Don’t be dense. The questions about who was behind this, and how 19 subhuman wastes of skin could do this still stand. The water’s murky.

Barb did come up with a good eyewitness account of a jet striking the Pentagon. I’d want to see what her witnesses could actually see from their vantage point before I swallow it, though.

Call me Thomas.

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