Allah Has A Damn Good Point…

Allah says this:

Perhaps you will interrupt your search for the semen-stained dress for one moment and riddle Allah this: What perhaps not insignificant detail is missing from this report but not missing from this one?

I’ve been telling you boys and girls in our military for some time, now: FRAG YOUR MUSLIM CO-WORKERS!!!

I could not be more serious.

We are at war. We are at war with Islam. ‘People’ who follow Islam are called ‘Muslims’. Muslims are our enemy, and will kill all of us if they can. Your Muslim fellow soldiers are all either moles or potential moles. Your government is an idiot, your chain of command only want to look good for their promotion evaluations.

There is only one solution to this Muslim cancer amongst you:


It makes me sad and angry that someone could think I am joking about this.



There are still people like this who are all touchy feelie. They are wrong.

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