From Lileks Today…

Fine, whatever. This much is true: when you?re 50, holding on to the details of your 20-something convictions is like being 40 and trusting the insights you had when you were ten.
I don?t care what John Kerry said when he was 25.

I care about what John Kerry says today . . . about what he said when he was 25.

Go read the whole thing. Daily. He’s good.

The above quote pretty much states I feel about this whole thing. I don’t need a reason to hate Kerry, other that he is a Liberal Democrat. Everything else is just gravy.

But! To be true to myself and my consistent with my creed, I have to say that cherry-picking stuff from someone’s distant past is pretty chickenshit. Unless you’re doing it to John Kerry.

Ha! Just kidding…he’d be exempt, too, if not for the fact that he appears to have remained unchanged over the decades.


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