I note a defensive tone to my posts, lately. Almost as if I’m starting to give a shit. That is just one of the side-effects of having readers, I guess.
I shall endeavour to repair this flaw I have discovered in myself.

On an unrelated note, it is getting to where I cannot turn on the TV without wanting to puke. I cannot watch the news anymore, either. The chance that Kerry’s disgusting mug will pop into view is too overwhelming. I hate him with a deep and personal passion. I cannot conceive of him as President…my dread of such an event is near-suicidal. It gives me an insight as to how the Left looks at Bush, and cements my belief in how absolutely dangerous to America this makes them.

I was never this way before. I didn’t hate Clinton, at first. I learned to hate him over time, and now he is on my list of Faces Who Will Make Me Change The Channel…along with his entire Cabinet, his horrible ‘wife’, and any Kennedy. Now Chelsea, I would jerk off to.

Ford was a boob and an idiot, and simply had to go. Squeaky nearly did the country a great favor. But I almost voted for Carter because, me being a young man, his message appealed to me.
I never voted in my life until the current Bush, and I now regret that, though I’ll do it again with a hanky over my nose and a squint of disgust. I hated his WASP pussy of a Dad, and wasn’t initially sorry to see him go.

Reagan? Way overrated in my opinion. The best thing he did was keep the Evil Empire as paranoid as a hippie at a police convention. And his wife is a fucking nut. Thank God for the current first lady. I can’t stand to hear her speak with that nasally Texas shitkicker twang, but, thanks to her knowing her place, I don’t have to.

Here’s a new blog for you, kiddies. Give him some traffic and we’ll see if he stands the test of time. He’s actually blogrolled me, a rare and interesting choice, even though I am listed with another blogger I personally despise. Oh, well.

Happy Hump Day. Do something evil to a liberal for me.


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