A Test Of Faith…

It’s tough to be a Christian in this day and age when little fruits like Ralph Reed and Gary Bauer are put up by the media as my representatives.
They each look like they are just smacking their lips as someone brings them a fresh young boy.

And Pat Robertson? He looks like some smirking Druid shaman about to light the burning man, filled with the tarred bodies of his political opponents.

I like Jerry Falwell, a lot. He gives the interviewer a sweet, giggly, ‘fuck you’ look and stands by his guns. Ditto for any of the Graham Family. Gotta love Franklin giving it to Islam, right square in their faces.

Ah, well…the only pull I have is on my dick, when I can get it back from my wife.



I found this quote at the end of this article:

But in a country that is home to millions of Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and Christians who believe otherwise, such exclusivity can take on the appearance of extremism, especially when you add politics and patriotism to the gospels.

To me, that’s like saying just because you have a bunch of roaches, mice, and other pests in your house, you must treat them all the same as you would treat your children.


The US Constitution got it horribly wrong in one critical line…all men are NOT created equal, all infants are. It just remains to be seen how equal they will become. Comparing me to some blind Bangladeshi beggar is facile, foolish, and fucked up.

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