Is Anybody Else Tired Of THis Shit?

Found this little tidbit today:

FREEPORT, Texas ? A security guard at a BASF Corp. chemical plant was shot in the shoulder Saturday after he approached a suspicious truck and talked to a man who said he had been taking pictures, authorities said.

Hey, perfectly normal, right?

The guard told police the gunman was a man of Middle Eastern descent with bushy hair and a mustache. The man was driving a white pickup with tinted windows and a black stripe.


BASF spokeswoman Sharon Rogers said there was no indication the shooting was linked to terrorism.

What, we have the fucking Psychic Friends working in law enforcement now? Hey lady! Raghead with a gun at a chemical plant!
Numb cunt…

FBI officials in Houston confirmed they were notified of the shooting but would not comment further, saying the Freeport Police would handle the investigation. Shortly after the incident, local police searched the area with a canine unit and found gun power on the scene, as well as the bullet used in the shooting.

Your tax dollars hard at not working…

The suspect left after the shooting and did not get inside the plant. The guard had been patrolling the plant’s perimeter outside the gate and near a water tower but in view of the plant’s ammonia tank, officials said.

Anybody remember Bhopal India? I sure do.

It’s not gonna break my heart any if a bunch of stupid Texans are flopping around like dying fish soon. These people are too stupid to live. The story says that the Security Guard drove himself to the front gate where an off-duty deputy working as a guard called the police. Where was the shot guards radio? Why didn’t he approach gun drawn after radioing the vehicle plates in?

If you sleep better at night knowing stupid clowns like these are guarding our naughty-vapors, than you deserve what’s coming to you. Fuck, this pisses me off.


Go read this.

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