Martial Law…

It is inevitable, you know. I just keep looking for the trigger…the ‘setup’ if you will. This generations ‘Tonkin Gulf’.

I may have just found it.

Think about it…

…if Bush is some kind of Globalist Freak, butting heads with The Supremes could be the excuse. He can’t afford to be exposed, and have his captives found to be harmless businessmen, and his war exposed as nothing but a house of cards…

…if Bush is some kind of Other-Directed Uber Patriot, martial law could be the only way he could protect many sensitive, ongoing, and potentially devastating war scenarios from being compromised.
He sees the corrupt judges we have been saddled with by history for what they are, and needs to checkmate them immediately.

Well, either way, one can always hope, can’t one?

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