Fuck ‘Princess’ Diana…

Feh, not with your dick, were she still alive. Let me make this perfectly clear: I rejoice over the death of that limey slut every time the news slaps her smirking, raghead-sucking face on my television. I celebrated actively on the day she died… and I hope her faggot ex-husband wraps himself around a tree and dies, too, and that her bastard sons are sterile. So there.

Fuck that bitch. Her anti-landmine crusade was just one of many many reasons I am ecstatic that she has become a worm farm. Getting scrunched to death with a raghead? Priceless…

I haven’t been so happy over a death of a public figure since Lennon was shot. And I’m glad Elvis died, too.

You people and your icons…the whole fucking British monarchy (except for Crazy Prince Phillip) needs to be kneeling on a guillotine platform. Crazy Prince Phillip cracks me up, so he can live.

When I say her “faggot ex-husband”, I am referring of course to Prance Charles, her loony, pot-eared ex-husband, who I wish was dead, too…and not just because he is a butler-raping homo.

I hope this helps the less well educated who emailed me saying “Huh?”

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