Instant Karma’s Gonna Get You…

…and quick, too. I no sooner mention kicking a puppy, and I get a call that my Maiden Sister’s treasured cat just died. Wow.
I tried to tell her that even dead pussy is good pussy, but she was inconsolable. I told her “Hey, you fall off the pussy, you gotta get right back on the pussy!” I was abjuring her to go get a replacement, stand-in stunt pussy…she said she was gonna go to the shelter.
I said “Fuck that! They want $60 for some junk cat that you don’t even know where it’s been! Those animals at the shelter are suitable only for experimentation!”

I think she sensed my concern and my caring.

Hey! Speaking of ‘Instant Karma’, it reminds me again how glad I am that John Lennon is dead. Yoko needs to go to that Big Kabuki-Looking Douchebag In The Sky With Diamonds, too.
As a matter of fact, Ringo is the only one out of the batch that should remain alive. I like Ringo, but Sir Paul needs a bullet.

Sir Elton. Sir Mick. Does anyone need to buy a clue to see how far the Mighty British Empire has fallen? It’s like finding out your Dad is a gay homosexual drag queen…we came from that? Ugh.

S’cuse me, I gotta go take a shiite…the contractions are just seconds apart, and I’m dilating.

Adopt this.

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