Sad, But True…

Tonight, one of my sons sent me this rather long article from 1994. He was just ten years old when this was written, and these words waited for him to grow up so they could slap him in the face.

Read these excerpts…read the whole thing…read it and weep, cuz it ain’t gettin any better.

“…The discrediting allegation that white males don’t get it is routinely hurled at them by a host of accusers and political correctness enforcers: feminists, homosexuals, multiculturalists, Afrocentrists, affirmative-action administrators, rap artists, literary modernists, Hispanic bilingualists, and American Indians, to name a few. As Gates notes, “All of them are saying the same thing: You’ve been a bad boy.”

…What does it mean to say that senators and other white males don’t get it? First, it means they are incapable of identifying with nonwhites and females. This charge is made when white males are accused of not conforming to the empathy or sensitivity expectation of the political correctness movement. Thus, anything they say or do vis-a-vis members of these groups is interpreted and judged in terms of this alleged deficiency…

Victimist rhetoric defines him as the embodiment of all that politically correct egalitarians despise…

As sociologist Frederick Lynch notes in his study of the impact of affirmative action on white males, “Verbal ‘male-bashing’ and hostility toward white males [has] become acceptable, even seen as ‘overdue,’ in some media and academic circles.”

The reason the white male stigma amounts to a stacked deck is that although white males are defined as morally wanting by virtue of their race and gender, unlike other stigmatized groups they are expected to conform to the taboo against claiming victim status for themselves. To conform to this expectation is to be put in the disadvantageous position of self-incrimination. Since white males are viewed as guilty until proven innocent, a politically correct white male–the one who “gets it”–is not one who is proven innocent but one who accepts the indictment. One receives no moral points for being innocent…”

And you thought The Simpson’s and South Park were just cartoons…

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