Combat Blogging…

I get emails. I get invitations to the blogs of others, and I always go, at least once…I am not an ill-mannered turd.

And then I get the ‘Call To Arms’ emails, like this morning, inviting me to go somewhere and help someone kick someone else’s ass who desperately needs it.

Trouble is, I don’t go to any of those liberal, left-wing cess-pits unless I am led there by a link, and then I am out of there quick as a scalded cat, hoping I didn’t get any of their idiot juice on me.

Those kind of people that run those sites are malignantly, defiantly dumb…dumb at the top of their voices dumb. Not being able to kill them, let alone getting banned because you do not agree with their bilge, is not worth the stress of spending one extra second in Noam Chomsky’s bunghole. To me, anyway.

If ya’ll have the stomach for it, and are wearing proper protection, go for it. It’s a free internet, for a few more weeks, anyway.

Nope, I’ll leave the lying and the disinformation to those who are good at it, and you liberal Demoncrats know who you are. They are like cryptonite to a reasoning human being.

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