January 31, 2004

Sunday, Bloody Sunday…

Great, now I’ll have that stupid song stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Was there ever a viler, more awful ‘band’ than U2? Okay, Sting, but seriously, I enjoyed any one song from ‘The Hollies’ or The Carpenters’ more than I have the entire body of work those two nasal whiners have produced.

How’m I doing? Fine, thanks. Just teaching the kids the proper way to fetch beers and snacks for Daddy tomorrow. These things are best planned ahead.
They have already learned today what happens when you shake Daddy’s beer. They carry them like they are live grenades, now, as well they should. Don’t bruise the beer. I aim one at them and they flinch.
Good Training.

The wife bought potato chips. Bane does not like potato chips…well, unless Bane is hungry, at which time, Bane will eat an uncooked turd if he has to. But not brussel sprouts or lima beans. Bane would sooner die.
Now, wheat thins…yummy. And those little glasses of Pimento Cheese spread from Kraft, the purveyor of all things Right and Snacky? Praise the Lord, Insallah, you can fit a wheat thin into the jar for much of the way and only require a butter knife for the bottom two inches, at which point you may begin to make little wheat thin sandwiches. Nummy.

And chili dogs. Chili, cheese, jalapeno, yellow mustard, and onion dogs. Kosher Hebrew National dogs to try to reduce the guilt over consuming penis-shaped tubes of lips and assholes. Hey, Rabbi Approved! Yum yum!
And a case of beer, all to myself.

I hate the Patriots for cheating so they could win by a five year olds foreskin over my Glorious Raiders in the last Super Bowl (was it the last one? I forget…The Power Of Beer!). I hope the Panthers beat them by one point.

Ahhhh, sweet, sweet revenge.


January 31, 2004

A Small Ray Of Hope…

There may be one Palestinian whom I do not wish to kill.

This fellows flame needs to be nurtured most carefully, for if it is blown out, I doubt it will ever be lit again, and we need to spread his fire.



January 31, 2004

Resting On Your Laurels…

I am forever running into this nonsense argument all over blogdom…and people who seem like otherwise good thinkers spin out and go right off the road when they say it.

Here’s the bogus argument: “So & so has a right to their opinion because they did such & such…”

Or it’s equally bogus cousin: “You don’t have the right to your opinion because you have never done/been/lived/etc such & such…”

Crap, crap, and double extra secret crap with a side of crap. Are you saying that because John Kerry was in Viet Nam and did heroic shit and got medals, that he at some point did not change into a pus-filled, bloviating windbag and scurrilous human being of the lowest order? Fuck me…Mengele was a Doctor, should I go to him for my second opinion? Huh?
I’m not a Doctor, Mengele is, plus he is the scion of a wealthy family…according to your flawed logic I should have him on my panel of advisers and let him baby-sit my kids!


People change inevitably as they age and go through life altering experiences. One-time Hawks sometimes get exposed to carnage and become sissified Doves, bleating for Peace as people harder and tougher than them plan their genocide. Good men, battering themselves against the shoals of life, sometimes become bad men, or just weak men.
It can work both ways, though it seldom does…someone who was once bad can now become good, but human nature tends to make goodness flow more naturally into bad, or more often than not, some kind of entropic, generic neutrality that tends to make decisions based on self interest rather than the rightness of a thing.

I’m not a woman, and I’ll never be able to be a mother, but should that set of irrelavent facts keep me from peering through a bathroom window and deciding that this mother who is drowning her kids is doing a Bad Thing?
And yet you would tell me that because I am not a Jew, or a Woman, or a Black Person, or whatever, that I can bring nothing to the discussion because I have never won a Silver Star or had a vagina, or have been to Venezuela?
Did that last paragraph twist your head a little bit?

Good. Now you know how I feel when confronted by sincere, yet illogical nonsense that otherwise good, intelligent people write, thinking that they have said something profound.


January 30, 2004

6 Days…

I just watched a thing on the History Channel about the 6 Day War that was pretty awesome.

It seems like Arabs fight wars like teenage boys fuck…not very well, not very long, and they’re looking for another one right away.

I hope the Israelis have another one in them, now that most of the old War Horses are gone. That area is overdue for another dusting.

How much you wanna bet that we’ve got a combined arms deal planned with Israel against Syria as we speak?

Fingers crossed!


January 29, 2004

Oh, Canada…

Update: Alice! Don’t read this!

Go here in my archives to get a taste of how I feel about Canada.

It seems that I’ve stepped on some toes that are attached to the feet of a particular commenter I like, over in another blog.

Oh, well, it won’t be the first unintentional Golden Shower I have dispensed, and, unless I stop writing, it won’t be the last.

The government of Canada is no different than France and Germany, either of which I would nuke without a second thought. So-called first world nations should know better. And Canada is close enough physically to be dangerous.

When we started to tighten things up on our shared US/Canuck border, and they reacted by removing racial (i.e., raghead) identifiers from their passports and other documents, they lost any right to keep breathing as far as I’m concerned.

I have not forgotten the horror of 9/11. If someone does me a good turn, and then turns around and molests my child, all previous debts are off, and he looks just like a target to me.

Fuck Canada.


The link I set up above looks like shit when you go to it, but with persistence, you can read it. I don’t have time or the inclination to fuck with it.


January 29, 2004

This Is Rich!

I have been struggling with how to deal with this Kerry “Bring It On” nonsense for days, now, and along comes the Goddess Ann Coulter who says it perfectly. An excerpt:

As everyone has heard approximately 1 billion times by now, Kerry boasts that he has REAL experience with aircraft carriers, and if Bush wants to run on national security, then … BRING IT ON!

I note that when George Bush directed that precise phrase at Islamic terrorists who yearn to slaughter American women and children, liberals were enraged at the macho posturing of it. But they feel “Bring it on!” is a perfectly appropriate expression when directed at a dangerous warmonger like George Bush. (“Bring it on!” was deemed better than Kerry’s first impulse, “Let’s get busy, sister!”)

Follow the link above and read it all. It’s lip-smacking good, and she reams Kerry out like the Holland Tunnel.


January 28, 2004

Fuck The NEA!

I just read a blurb on Drudge (sorry) about Bush’s intention to expand the money that the NEA recieves from the American taxpayer…uh, that would be you.

Unless his program includes free tickets for any American, for any sponsored show (including air fare and hotel room and room service), there is no possible reason to do this other than he is COMPLETELY FUCKING NUTS!!!

While I must admit, having the guy in charge of the nukes being completley bonkers makes me happy, this is just bullshit of the First Order.

Election year or no, this is just…beyond retarded.