Compare and Contrast…

I can’t help but notice that a whole bunch of Iragians got severely squished by their own domeciles recently. This is because the news is keeping it in my face long after the four seconds during which I actually gave a crap about it.

Okay. So a 2,000 year old sand castle finally gets around to collapsing on the descendants of the original castle builders, mashing an alarming quantity of them quite flat. The insane leaders of this insane country declare that they “will rebuild”… one would assume that, as is their custom, said rebuilding will involve the same building techniques. And more Iragians will move in and cross their fingers against the next shaker…

Members of this same clan of lunatics hijack some Marvels of Western Civilization, and fly them into some other Marvels of Western Civilization, and 3,000 innocent people get disintegrated. The government affected vows to allow it’s private citizens to rebuild. New designs are submitted, and work begins.

So, for those of you keeping score at home, it looks like:

Powers of Darkness– 3,000ish

God– 20,000 and counting

Sound about right? Like I always say, don’t be pissin God off.

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