We need to exterminate these fiends! Infiltrating infected cows into the heart of our West Coast dairy land…bastards. At least beef prices are dropping like Clinton’s pants in front of an intern. What’s a little twitching when you’re getting Prime Rib at hamburger prices? Wanna have some fun? When yer in the meat department, pick up a nice roast, and then act like it’s shaking and quivering in your hands and say “Ahhh, no wonder it’s been marked down…”

The sooner these vile Canusians are killed to the last moose-fucker, the safer we will be. Al Queda does not worry me nearly as much as the Al Quenadians do. Why can’t we put our prisoners to work on building a Great Wall between Canada and Mexico? I’m all for going to the moon, but first things first, dammit!

And why can’t we build one giant-ass airport out in one of our deserts, where all international flights would land? They could then, after being checked up their ass for bugs and gas, be flown to their ultimate destinations. Why do we have international flights just zipping around like mosquitos, going wherever they want? Stupid.

We need to declare Canada a state, and kill any of them that object, and their little cows, too…and all of the French ones (cows and people) as well. We can then ship all of our muslims up there to where the French Canusians used to live so we can keep an eye on them…kind of a benign gulag, or ghetto if you will. Just build a big space needle in the middle of the new muslim city, put a big neutron bomb in it, and tell em “yep…you guys wanna play ‘fuckaround’, we got somethin fer yer asses right here, muthafukkas! Bring it on!”

No more Mister Nice American!

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