Hey, Iran! What’s Shakin?

Hah! I kill me. Sucks to be an Iranian, today, eh? Well, I imagine it must pretty much suck all of the time, but most especially when you get a few tons of rock dropped on you…”Hey, Mahmoud! Wanna get stoned?!?” Heh heh.

Let’s see, now…a 6.5 earthquake hits a major population center in California the other day, and two rich broads get squished coming out of a jewelry store.

The same earthquake hits in Iran, and thousands die. Hmmmmm.

Whose God is stronger now, infidels? Hah! In your face! Who builds your shitty houses, anyway?
Our deaths only number in the thousands when the disaster involves members of The Religion O Peace(TM).

We learned after 1906 that it didn’t pay to stack bricks to make a building, and that having fire departments was a really good idea.

Apparently, this must be the Middle East’s first earthquake. I’m sure they’ll be better prepared for the next one.

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