The Cradle Cap of Civilization…

As I slog through the Iraqi blogs, I find myself at times in need of hip-waders…high rubber boots that keep the crap you’re stepping in off of your clothes. I see repeated references to ‘The Cradle Of Civilization’. Let us leave aside scholarly objections to that, and take it on face value.

What do we do with cradles? We keep our infants in them. When they grow up, they leave and move on, don’t they?

Well, civilization did that about 3,000 years ago…grew up and left…and it never came back. These Arabs seem to be crowing over some dead rocks and pottery that white European and American archaeologists dug up for them, otherwise they would still be letting their camels take a dump on the ground where these antiquities would still be buried.

And who knows what that civilization of 3,000 years ago looked like? Truly looked like? There has been so much interbreeding, rape and pillage, and so many migrations of peoples that the only thing we know for sure about the original occupants of The Fertile Crescent is that they are dead as fuck, and not coming back any time soon…and these camel-riding rug peddlers ain’t it.

15 high tech Russian Mig fighters buried in the desert, and their terrorists are using their version of the Fisher-Price ‘Baby Terrorists First Bomb-Making Kit’, cobbling together their boom-booms from scraps on the ground.
“Oooooh, don’t scare me with your big old civilization, Mr. Arab!” I tremble, alright, but not from fear.

Yes, they gave us the zero…and they are still giving us just that.

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