From the “You Make Your Bed You Have To Lay In It” File…

Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ha!! This article has just made my day! How often do you get to see the hated and despised psuedo nation of Canada get a bad case of hemorrhoids from fucking itself up the ass with another stupid ass pro-faggotry decision?

Once again, the already broken down Canadian taxpayer gets their collective faces jammed into the mud of political correctness, and this time, retroactively all the way back to 1985!! Yay!

I have always said that AIDS (Anally Inflicted Death Syndrome) is a self inflicted wound…now non-deviant Canadians are going to have to pay for the suicidal behavior of a bunch of faggots, and it just couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of folks…
oops, have I offended you?


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