The Iraqi Blogs…

I have wasted too much time on Alaa’s blog, searching for the truth. He appears to speak out of both sides of his mouth.

I have a pretty good bullshit detector, and his latest post set it to jangling. And I quote:

Although I dislike the subject, I have to put in this before leaving.
You give the subject of Religion too much importance. Sectarianism is not about religion, it is about temporal privileges.
Iraq in particular has never been a theocracy, and will never be one. The matter simply is not as important to us as you think.

All true, but coupled with all of his ‘Praise Allah’ nonsense at the beginning of every post of his…hmmmm.
And then the Iraqi sympathizers (read: ass-kissers) all rush in and praise and defend Islam as fast as they can. I gave Alaa’s blog too much credence…I shall start spending more time in the other Iraqi blogs, looking for balance and sanity.

I could be the victim of my own contry’s press and its propaganda. Maybe. But I suspect I am being bullshitted when I hear:

“Religion is not important to us” from someone who knows damn well most Arabs are muslims, and if praying five times a day isn’t religious, I don’t know religious. Muslims are killing Christians all over the world, sanctioned by their muslim governments.

Even Soddom himself, lying monster that he is, paid homage to Islam on the face of it. And now, with the vacuum of a lack of government in the ‘new’ Iraq, Iraq is damn well in serious danger of becoming a theocracy.

From the tone of his blog, I suspect Alaa, and several other of the Iraqi bloggers, are communist. Many flat out admit they are athiests, which is a good first step towards being a commie in my book. I could be wrong…

I went out searching for the truth, with an open, yet guarded mind. So far, the truth is matching my preconceived notions, though I was prepared for it not to.

This is only important to any Arab because of the fact, that out of every round I fire, right or left handed, a fatal wound will result. I am far from being alone on this ability, and I influence many others who can do the same thing.

Think about it…

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