This is rising through the proper channels, and quickly. Also, I have gotten many comments about many of the photos being of Reuters origin (i.e., publicly available). I know. Those don’t worry me…it’s the ones that show destroyed US M1’s and Bradleys in excess of DOD reported amounts…and it’s ones that are obviously taken by individual soldiers’ and Marines’ cameras. I have developed my sons film myself, both on paper and on CD, and I know what they look like. Something is amiss.

I am going to post this here in my blog, first, and then start emailing around to the milblogs and see if I can’t put a stop to this shit.

I found this site from this site. As you can see, the first site is an Iraqi Resistance site, and the site referring to it is a ‘pro-American’ site (we shall see).

As I was going through the photos on the Iraqi Resistence site, one thing jumped out at me right away…MOST OF THESE PHOTOS HAD TO HAVE BEEN TAKEN BY AMERICANS!!!

There is only two ways the hajis could have gotten these photos…Americans gave them to them, or they made extra copies wherever these were developed in the Middle East (and then provided the photos to people whose main goal is to kill Americans!).
I asked one of my Marine sons about this and he said “Oh, we developed our photos at the Photoshop on base…” and I asked him “Who works in these shops?”

“Uh, hajjis…” pause…”Dammit!”

The light comes on. We have got to put a stop to these raghead bastards using the photos of our dead and wounded to jack themselves up into a fighting frenzy.


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