How Big A Deal Is This?

hmmmmm, somewhere between the capture of Noriega and Pablo Escobar, and the suicide of Hitler (though I still suspect that Hitler got away).

Hussein is on a par with Pol Pot and Eichmann. If the Iraqis do not have Hussein kneeling in front of the executioner’s sword inside a month, something will be terribly wrong. I suspect the Iraqi Council and the Americans are having high level meetings right now to discuss what kind of accident Soddom is going to have after we finish pumping out every piece of information from him.

Soddom is crazy, not stupid. You can bet that Assad of Syria is passing blood about now, because he knows Soddom can potentially use the whereabouts of the WMD he shipped out of Iraq for a certain amount of leverage…and it was shipped into Syria. I am sure that Soddoms interrogators are leading the egomaniac to believe that he has a chance of getting out of this.

North Korea is shitting little bunnies, too, as is every criminal on earth who has dealt with Soddom in the last 30 years.
This list can include US Presidents, French and German Leaders, and Captains of Industry from around the planet.

If Soddom is alive this time next week, I will be very surprised. If I was some billionaire who stood to lose everything and faced prison, I might be tempted to pay a dozen Turkish fighter-bomber pilots a million bucks apiece to perform a nice clean air strike on Soddoms position.

I hope our guys are awake, and real, real paranoid.

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