I posted this over in Alaa’s blog this morning. There’s some interesting discussions going on over there…and the usual trolling fuckwits. Go give Alaa some love!

When my son called and woke me up early this morning and told me to “turn on the TV”, my first waking thought was “Dang, they caught Santa Claus!” before I fully woke up.

Congratulations, Alaa, for this is one more Evil Jinn to go back in the bottle.

I see the Paleswinians are very saddened by Soddoms capture, and are acting out their displeasure. Good to know who your friends are, eh Alaa?

You really need to ban Robert…to think he French’s his mother with that mouth.

I hear that Soddom has described himself to his captors as “a firm and just ruler…”


I kill me.

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