As Promised, Movie Reviews…

Sorry for waiting so long. In short? Go see The Missing, and go see Timeline…Quickly, before they are replaced by other nonsense. I give them two thumbs up, with minor reservations.

In the long run? The Missing is Tommy Lee Jones’s action hero swan song…he is getting long in the tooth, but he pulls it off, one more time. He comes across as someone you don’t want to fuck with, but you know he knows better. There are people in this movie that you will beg to see them die. This means it is uncomfortably realistic. No shit. It is worth seeing on the big screen. Strong violence.
As an aside, after I dropped my daughter off at her apartment, I called her on my cell and asked her “did you understand the skinned cow and the guy hanging over the fire?”…pause…”No…I didn’t get that”…”Uh, the indians used to wrap up some of their captives in a fresh animal skin, hoist them over a fire to dry the skin, and it would crush them to death as it dried”….”oh…I didn’t know that…uh, thanks..”…”G’night, baby..”…”G’night…love you..”
It was at that moment, she understood why I said, as the credits rolled…”Now you know why I hate indians and mexicans…”

Timeline…what can I say? Michael Crichton. Genius. Jurraisic Park. 13th Warrior. Nuff said? This movie is non stop action from beginning credits to ending credits. Great story, good acting, awesome sets, utterly realistic action. David Thewlis of Dragonheart fame is just…fantastic. It must suck to have ‘Worm’ on your resume, and yet he pulls it off.
I own maybe ten movies, including the 13th Warrior…this movie I will buy to enjoy over and over again. Is there silly shit? Does The Pope shit in his Pampers? Duh. So what? If you do not enjoy this movie, I will personally give your money back.

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