Drinking? Mebbe I Is, Mebbe I Ain’t…

Hey guys! Next time yer taking a piss in a public urinal, drop a couple of quarters in front of the urinal mint for the poor bastard what has to mop up yer spatter, eh? Good for you, good for the economy.

And the rest of you daft shiites who might be goin after those quarters ye don’t be deservin, wash yer hands before returning to stockin the salad bar, won’t ya? It’s only right.

And fer the rest of yez, here’s a tidbit o thanks I left behind at the loverly Dawn Olsen’s site in gratitude for a link to the Paris Hilton Sex Tape:

Um, thanks, htg…damn, that looked like Animal Planet video of two racoons breaking into garbage cans behind a Pizza Hut somewhere in Wisconsin. Crap.

Just when she started to snorkel, it ended. No fair! I want my money ba…uh, never mind.

I dinna ken Sweet Paris twas an alien afore…dinna look in her eyes! I warn ye!

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