On The Superiority Of Western Civilization…

Just one more thing before I toddle off to bed…

I just read a blurb on Drudge about “global warming soon to submerge 3 major Indian cities…” Yeah, I know…ho hum…but it got me to thinking…

A few hundred or so years ago, the Dutch, when threatened by the sea, and in order to claim land for their small country, built marvels of engineering to keep back the sea that serve their purpose to this very day. I think there were lesbians involved or something.

How much you wanna bet that the Indians just shrug and redraw their maps to show the new beach front property?

There are people who want me to genuflect to a ‘civilization’ (Iraq) that has only had rifles for a hundred years or so, and then only because the British gave them to them to use them as lackeys to fight the Turks.
I do wish this civilization well, if only in my own self interest, but c’mon, this misplaced worship of a near-aboriginal, tribal ‘culture’ (and I use that term loosely, I’ve seen the videos of their torture)….

Heck, folks…grow up.

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