I Love Conspiracy Theories!

Someone forwarded this to me today…I just love this kind of crap. And, hey, it could be true.

Was watching Fox News today and they were talking about this wave of the flu that has claimed many lives (the most recent a student from here in C. Springs), and they showed a map of the US that had the deaths by state for the entire country, and a very interesting picture came together in my mind. This post is ‘merely’ conjecture, and, perhaps, should be taken with a grain of salt. What I noticed is that the pattern on the screen before me was EXACTLY THAT OF THE JET STREAM. This is highly indicative that this deadly strain of the Flu was released in the atmosphere probably about two months ago and has travelled across the country by the jet stream. It MAY NOT BE COINCIDENCE that about 2 months ago the Chinese sent up their first astronaut that circled the earth twice.
It is my belief that IF THIS IS THE CASE, that this is in preparation for the invasion of this country. They know most of our troops are overseas, and they also know the citizens of this country will not give up their guns, so they have to weaken the civilian population in some way – thus this strain of the flu.
This also would indicate that the invasion is about to begin assuredly before next fall when the first phase of the Missile Defense is up and running.
And, if that is the case, we can expect a wave of terrorism to begin any day. I believe The Death Winds of war are clearly blowing again…

Whaddaya think?

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