Went to the ‘New Weblog Showcase’…looked around…wasn’t mentioned anywhere…lifted my leg, pissed on it, scratched dirt back on it…walked away with my nose up, happy as I could be.

There seems to be an epidemic of Narcissism infecting the web. A time waster turned into a time waster…shouldn’t that create an anti-matter explosion?

Pity…blogs I have previously enjoyed turned into a huxter booth at a Star Trek convention…more’s the pity, because I would be absurdly pleased to be part of it. But then I would privately hate myself.

Hope this lunacy ends, soon. And what the fuck is this cult of Glenn Reynolds? He’s friggin Matt Drudge, only prissier. Link sausage, and too bland at that. Frank J is far more funny, when he is not whoring his T-Shirts and playing the preppy “vote for me!” game. I think he knows it, too, on some level. His writing has really fallen off in the last month. A guy I think may actually be funnier and smarter than me, and he’s flopping around on the beach like a carp. Oh, that reminds me:

Question: What’s black & white black & white black & white?

Answer: A negroe fighting with a seagull over a dead carp!

Ha! That joke still kills me.

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