Somethings Missing…

I did something I rarely do…read the review before I see the movie. Now I’m going to go see ‘Missing’ with Tommy Lee Jones, and see if that pudgy bloviating fruit Roger Ebert is still as predictable as he’s always been. He gave it 2.5 stars, and pretty much savaged it. Speaking of Savages, I suspect that the indians are portrayed in a harsh light in the film. Ebert telegraphs his punch when he scoffs that a ‘white man couldn’t out-indian an indian’, or some such nonsense.

As long as you portray indians as their myth, the Noble Red Man, the Liberals will kiss your ass (See: Dances With Wolves), but as soon as you show them as the murdering, kidnapping, raping subhumans they are, then the thumbs turn down.

And as to white men ‘out-indianing indians’, how about those Mountain Men? There, amongst thousands of hostile aborigines, they managed to stay alive and thrive, their worst enemy being the expansion west of the railroads.

Well, I’m off…more to come. Oh, and did I ever tell you that I sat in the middle of about four rows worth of real live indians at the premier of ‘Billy Jack’? If you haven’t seen it, go rent it, and then imagine being surrounded by real live injuns.

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