The Last Faggy-Guy…

I loved that movie so much today that I forgot I hated Tom Cruise. Go see it tomorrow. I mean it. The only problem I had with it is that is should have been an hour longer (2.5 hrs, as it was), though I hope that will be rectified in the DVD, which I will buy and wear out watching it over and over.

This movie is sure to put a smile on James Clavell’s dead mug. I was initially concerned, because of the aforementioned Tom Cruise, and the fact that the writer/producer credits looked like a clusterfuck from a Tasmanian gang-bang…never a good sign…but I’d enjoyed the previews, so I went.

Theatre full of college students, and they all STFU and watched respectfully, and there was much cheering in the right spots, and quiet sniffling in the right spots…

Go see this movie, tell your friends, and then go see it again. Tom C. has totally redeemed himself for his ‘Mission Impossible’ nonsense, and the appalling ‘Ass Wide Shut’, or whatever.

He may have just begun a decent career.

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