Why Bane Hates Canadians (Too)…

Hey Canadians! Fuck off!

Glad I got that out of my system. Canadians are like a bowl of light toast with skim milk poured over it. You know what I call the so-called friendly fire incident in Afghanistan? A good start! I still think those Canusians we bombed the piss out of were actually firing up in the air, trying to hit our magnificent jets because they were jealous of our technology…take that, Canusians!

Oh yeah, cry…go ahead and cry, babies…Bane is so heartless and cruel, boo hoo hoo. Canadians are all like your best friends little brother, who you were sure had been dropped one too many times on his head, or was maybe possessed by the devil…either way, one minute he is eating anything you dare him to, and the next, you’re having to leave him tied up in the garage because he went totally psycho on you, naked, with a lawn dart in one hand and a handful of catshit in the other…

And they all talk like Hillary Clit-On….ahhhh, I just hate those fucking Canadians so much, and the French ones even more. The only happy thought I have about them and their moose sodomizing ways is that, as the nuclear missiles come over the pole at us, those that are intercepted will sprinkle down all over CANADIANS!

Oooo, yeah, we’ll all miss those fine Canadian wines, cuisine, and culture….NOT!!

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