December 31, 2003

Man, there’s some serious alcohol going down here, and mass quantities of consumables. My new favorite drink is bourbon and Safeway diet cream soda…yummy.


Bourbon and prune juice is really good, too. I shit you not.


December 31, 2003

new years placemark 4: due to excessive partying

Fuck You! We do what we want!!


December 31, 2003

new years placemark 3: due to excessive partying


December 31, 2003

new years placemark 2: due to excessive partying


December 31, 2003

new years placemark: due to excessive partying


December 30, 2003

Bring On The Terror!

You whippersnappers have probably never been spanked properly…this would go a long way towards explaining the sorry state of our country today.

Back when I was being spanked regularly, I recall wanting to get it over with, and right away. I did not want to “wait til my Father got home”, or wait til after chores, or whatever excuses the lazy whacker came up with to put it off…no, I wanted it over with…the waiting just made it worse.

We are going to get whacked. Some ‘Bad Guy’ is planning it, perhaps even implementing it as we speak. Let’s get it over with. I would like to volunteer any family reunion of mine (that doesn’t include my children) as ground zero, but the Bad Guys are going to do what they wilt…
I just want them to do it, and soon.

Hit the Super Bowl? Fine. I won’t be watching, anyway, except for the ads. Heck, pick any target, and have at it. I’m ready. We’re ready. A positive side effect will be that we will crush, kill, and destroy anybody we think was remotely involved in it this time. We as a nation are collectively tired of this shit. We want an excuse to whack hippies and other left-wing commie scum of our own, so a glorious pogrom will ensue.

Please, Mr. Terrorist…spank us soon?



December 30, 2003

You Say You Want A Revolution…

Well, you can’t have one. It’s funny, too, because revolutionary cultures such as Russia, Cuba, and China are always happy to point out how America was born. But our Powers That Be looked at all of that Revolution stuff and began, slowly but surely, to put a stop to that nonsense… and pretty words from Jefferson about “watering the Tree of Liberty with the blood of Patriots” be damned.

Lincoln killed the dream of States Rights (along with many of the best and brightest of our Patriot bloodline) with his Civil War, and showed that habeas corpus was just a joke…a cruel tease that was just so much smoke blown up our collective skirts.

And now? You think you can change things with your vote? Your vote is about as useful and meaningful as that little red plastic flower that old men try to sell you in front of the stores the week before Memorial Day. How many of you reading this know what that flower even means? Thought so.

I, a firearms enthusiast, voted for Bush, and he has flat stated that he is going to sign an extension of the Assault Weapons Ban. That was just one of the big anal reamings that Clinton gave this country. And Bush continues to sign any mega-state nonsense that gets put on his desk. He actively campaigns to allow illegal cockroaches to swarm over our borders. I have gotten a better return on my investment with a $10 bill in a Tijuana whorehouse than I have ever gotten from my vote for GW Bush. And that gorgeous Tijuana hooker never gave me anything that kept on giving, but GW’s taxes are gonna last forever, and his policies can’t be cured.

So, you wanna join some ‘group’ and take up arms? You wanna try to ‘make a difference’? Good luck. Any group you think to join is going to have more agents provocateur from various government agencies than True Believers. And even a True Believer will sell you out like a bitch when the electric shocks begin to course through his testicles.

That is why I’ve given up. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. I’ll take whatever sugar Uncle Sam wants to give out, and just be glad that I don’t have anything he wants. Heck, I donated two sons to his military, along with several years of my own life. Thanks for the checks, Uncle!

No, the drama needed to ‘make a difference’ is too great. You have to be completely alone, with nothing to lose. You can’t be crazy, and you have to be alert every minute of the day. You’d have to be a helluva shot, too, because you could not afford to engage your enemy up close, because you’d have no back-up. You would have to do a lot of exhaustive research, and you’d find that your primary target would be judges, because they are doing the most damage to society today. And, oh my gosh, the low level bureaucrats you would have to perforate. These are the folks that implement the policies at the level that effect Americans. Robin Hood knew this…he didn’t go after the Sheriff, he went after his Tax Collectors. As a lone, military sanctioned sniper in wartime, you don’t go after the officers…you go after the truck drivers…the cooks…people who will make the machine grind to a halt.

I’m just sayin, dontcha know. It’s hopeless, anyway.