Deck The Walls…

My Ascending Colon is playing fun holiday games with my Descending Colon today…right now, it’s ‘peek-a-boo’. I get the urge to go download some corn, and then one of the kids distracts me, and it goes away…but I can feel it lurking just beyond the shoals of my colon, like the shark in Jaws…Ba-dum…Ba-dum…Ba-dumBa-dumBa-dum…. then nothing but a swirl of tail, or perhaps…was that a fin?

I expect, later, to be lifted from the bowl like a car on a hydraulic lift…”Honey! Get the axe and come help me down from here!”…teetering up near the ceiling while the kids watch, goggle-eyed. Science may wish to stop by and count the rings, or check for interesting primordial sediment. Great, they can have it, if they’ve got the men to haul it out of the house, cuz that Heinie-kin sure ain’t gonna go down the plumbing without a good fight…one that likely involves chainsaws and flamethrowers.

Life will find a way…

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