Cross Your Fingers!

Hillary is flying into Iraq for Thanksgiving! Surely there will be some brave, enterprising mujahadeen with a shoulder fired missle waiting to turn her into a flaming pork pinata…



If not a missile, maybe she can choke on a bone or something…let us pray…

Ugh…can you imagine giving that pudgy pink fireplug the Heimlich, and bursting out her new implants onto the serving table, to splat in front of some 18 year old newbies? Ewwww…

Yet Another Update

Looks like GW took my idea and ran with it, cruising around the Middle East, lights off on his plane, searching for Hillary’s plane to whack her. Sadly unsuccessful, he dropped in to Baghdad to get a bite to eat with his homeys, and then went back home to wait til next time. Sooner or later, he will end a successful hunt with her porculent carcass strapped to the hood of his pickup…

Hopefully sooner.

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