Make yourself comfortable…

Debkafile, among others, is reporting that car-bombings and other attacks are imminent on US soil. Bring it on. The sooner Americans wake up to the threat in their midst, the better.

One would have thought that the fall of the towers would have been enough, but no. It will, sadly, take more American deaths.

The flags are all faded in the car windows…the few that still snap in the breeze from aerials are faded and tattered…nobody can remember where they stored the ammo they bought in the days following 9/11, or they’ve shot it all up during Fourth of July…we are comfortable again.

And still, not a week goes by where I don’t read a report of muslim men being detained and released for photographing malls, dams, power plants, synagogues, schools…those are just the fuckers that should be hustled off to a dank basement where wires will be attached to their shriveled little Ayrab scrotums and electricity applied liberally until they scream out their nefarious plans. Not guilty? Ooops…sorry…Next!

Storms a commin, folks…ready or not.

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