My beloved Raiders, against all odds, lost again today. I haven’t done the math, but they may not make it to the playoffs.

Heavy sigh.

The world still appears to have a warm spot in it’s colon for me, since I last posted October 21st…I have had bad months, but this one is heading for Honorable Mention. Waaaahhh, my diaper is wet…fukkit.

How do two GI’s, alone in a car, get shot/stabbed/bludgeoned to death, and the only way we find out about it is over an hour later because some raghead kid finds some Americans and tells them? I’ll be fucked if I can tell you…were they on a liquor run? Whose idea was it for two soldiers to head out alone in a car? It seems that our soldiers, as well as our citizens, have forgotten we are at war.

Wake the fuck up!

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