October 21, 2003

If this doesn’t tighten your sphincter…

Debkafile reports today:
Pakistan will deploy nuclear missiles and warheads at Saudi bases under military-nuclear accord signed in Islamabad by Crown prince Abdullah. DEBKAfile adds: Pakistani security umbrella will replace US troop presence withdrawn from kingdom this summer. Deal flatly defies Bush warning to Abdullah this year not to deploy nuclear weapons on Saudi soil.

This does not bode well, any way you look at it…add to it that the Saudi’s are holding intense, high tech war games as we speak.
If we spank the Saudis, we gotta spank the Paki’s, too, methinks. And it’s difficult to discipline a child who is darn near as big as you are…trust me on this.


October 9, 2003

Man, for an unemployed guy, I’ve been pretty busy, but that’s no excuse for not blogging more than I have. Sorry.

I am working on a diatribe about the War On Drugs that I hope to have up soon, so quit bugging me.