I See Dead People…

Well…I might be, if I hadn’t made the wise decision to home-school my last two little ones. My little boy was in preschool last year, and was supposed to be in kindergarten this year, but, based on what we saw of his school last year, and our contempt for public schooling in general, we decided to home school this and every year from now until they go to college.
Now, back to the Dead People…
A neighbor and friend of my wife’s, who is sending her daughter to the public school, told us that passersby rescued her (very pretty little blond) daughter from in front of the Seven-Eleven store about three blocks from school, along with a gaggle of other lost five and six year olds…seems that the school felt they were short-handed, and had cut the kids loose who lived in the neighborhood to fend for themselves and walk home…do you see dead people yet? Oh, yeah…
This Seven-Eleven is where the illegal Messican aliens congregate to buy their beer, send their wages back to Mexico via Western Union, and loiter around the front ogling the white women who go in and out of the store [I realize how that sounds, but it is just a fact…I hear women whining about it all the time, and see it myself as well]. And this gaggle of innocent little kids, lost, has wandered into their hunting range. Not a week goes by where I do not read of some beaner getting busted for snatching some little girl and leaving her dead somewhere, and this school has left these little innocents to wander like free range snatch snack for these bastards…
Why? I checked, and their staffing is the same as last years, when this sort of thing didn’t happen. I’ll tell you why, and it is just my theory, but this and other incidents I am hearing about almost daily lend it credence…
The teachers and school staff are acting out against our kids because the state’s voters have rejected several pay increases and other bond issues and whatnot that they have been asking for. They haven’t been cut, but because the people have said no, these union assholes are determined to make our kids pay. I am hearing story after story about kids being crowded on buses to suffocate, because useable buses and drivers have been switched around (and left idle) to create the appearance of a crisis.
I can laugh about this safely at home, because my kids aren’t involved in this. The mother of the little girl went to the school offices and raised unholy hell, from what I hear.
If it’d been my kid who’d been left to wander, and something bad had happened….

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