I see that Roger Ebert has given Jeepers Creepers 2 only one star. I intend to see it today or tomorrow, but I hazarded a look at his review, anyway. Shouldn’t be a problem with Spoilers, since the previews seem to show pretty much every scary bit from the move. Anyway, in Ebert’s first paragraph, I see what earned the one star, and I quit reading. It seems one of the charachter’s is ‘homophobic’, a state which Ebert says means that the charachter in question must, himself, be a closeted homosexual. Sigh. How predictable. The movie may be better than I’d hoped…

Jeepers Creepers 1 is one of those movies that could have been great, but slipped off the runway and nosedived into being a piece of crap. Sad. As usual, if I had been consulted before release, I could have made it great. Pump up the music, do some better, creepier editing of existing scenes, reshoot a few critical moments, and trim down several scenes that dragged on and bogged down the flick.
All that being said, it is still worth renting if you like horror, a good female charachter, and are thinking about seeing Creepers 2.
I have hopes for Creepers 2…I’ll let you know.

What a great movie! I was so pleasantly surprised! Everything I said above about music and editing…they must have heard me, because it was really really tight, and a darn good story, too. Fuck Roger Ebert. As I watched the credits roll, I couldn’t help but notice that Francis Ford Coppola had Executive Produced it…and it showed. Go see this movie! I could have done with a bit more horror, but they used good directoral tricks to fuck with your head, so I forgave them. If she likes horror movies, this would be a great first date movie.

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