As if I don’t have enough shit to worry about already…

Parents, watch out for people around your kids using these new phones that transmit photos. If I’m at the park with my kids and I see some guy pointing one of these at my kids, I’m going to come up behind him and slice his ear off.
If I was a pervert, out shopping for kids, that is how I would do it…and don’t trust women, either…
when I was about five years old, my mother had to take me on a train trip somewhere. In those days, she looked like Elizabeth Taylor’s pretty sister, and I have always been pretty, and I guess we became a target. A beautiful woman alone with her beautiful child…
anyway, she took me into the women’s restroom to potty me, and she tells me she began to get an uncomfortable feeling. She took me up to the sink to wash my hands and hers, and as the water was running, something made her turn around fast and look behind her, and she startled this woman and made the woman drop her hypodermic syringe…in those days, hypos were made of glass, so it shattered on the floor, and the woman snarled in frustration and rushed out of the bathroom. My mom tells me that she heard her train being called for boarding, so we left quickly ourselves and hustled on board.
White slavery was all the rage in those days, and still is. There are a huge amount of disappearances involving both adults and children. These people know how to pick them, and are professionals. I suspect that there are hotels and motels all around the country where there are special rooms where special guests are chosen by certain criteria, and they are never seen again.

Watch for people invading your privacy with these phone cams…they make shopping so much easier now…

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