I’ve just ordered all new springs for my magazines..call it OCD, but I can’t have an empty mag laying around. I’ve been hearing enough tales from Iraq about pistol mags malfunctioning, that it makes me nervous about mine. I’ve heard stories of guys having all the bullets just fall out of their Beretta mags onto the ground…that is a special nightmare of mine.
You know, some people just need killing. You can beat around the bush all you like, but in the end, there are a multitude of idiots who need to have their heels beating on the floor while blood bubbles pop in their nostrils, and they make frog sounds while their iris’s expand and contract…I’m here to tell you, I volunteer for that duty. I love to talk shit, and admire a good shit talker, but there just comes a time when the sharp smell of cordite and the ringing in my ears from discharge just seems right, and makes me happy. Some folk’s shit needs to be fucked up, and I hope and pray that I get an opportunity to be in on it.
Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy the interplay across the net as much as the next person, but the shit talking slackers, crips and retards that have no clue that their life expectancy is about three seconds in the same room with me when I’m likkered up and they blurt their bullshit have no idea how lucky they are to be on the other side of an IP address and a good firewall. Stay inside, little grubs, cuz I keep bail money in my wallet to get out from an assault charge from kicking your ass, and I know how to find you from my copy of the police report.
Oh, and some of you cocksuckers think you know me? Think again…

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