Ahhh, Father’s Day

Every Dad that dies on Father’s Day is really gonna fuck it up for the whole family for…like, forever, you know? Do us all a favor, Dad…do not croak on or near a significant, card intensive holiday. Oh, and sorry for all the booze and fatty food presents I’ve gotten you over the years to hasten your demise.
Gonna Barby-Cue tomorrow!…got a big pile of fat steaks marinating…gonna pick up some Kentucky Fried Chicken cole slaw and biscuits and puhtatersngravy so very little actual cooking has to occur, and that shit is good!…Multiple beers, bourbons, and red wines, too…ummm, gud!
I wonder if the kids I’ve made that don’t know I’m their Dad are making me cards? Sweet little crayola creations with their mommy and this hazy silhouette of some man they’ve never met…aw heck, what am I thinking…my own kids who know me have hardly seen me in the last ten years…still, I love them all, and would give any one of them both my kidneys, and my heart if they needed it, without a seconds thought…
Happy Holidays!

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