Is it just me, or does Pat Buchanan sound like someone simultaneously punched him in the gut, and then cinched a choke chain around his nut sack? What a gay sounding pecker-stain he turned out to be. I used to like him, and then he turned into a left-wing sister-fucking Nazi fruit. As difficult as it must be, he still manages to give Liberaltarians a bad name. I enjoy much of MSNBC’s programming, now that they are competing (and winning, in my final opinion) with FOX news, but I check carefully to see if ‘Buchanan & Press’ is on before I go to that channel, because even a few seconds of that shit can suck your soul out by the fucking roots. I’m sure they frisk the crew for weapons before the show starts, because I can’t see how anyone could be exposed to those two vile blowhards and not run amok. One of my wet dreams is to have Buchanan & Press, Bill O’Reilly, and Hannity and Colmes in a locked, dark racquet-ball court…
and give them each a chain saw that can’t be turned off…

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