Bad Blood, Worthless Meat

I just love it when the Muddle East flares up. The Palestinkians always look so shocked and outraged after some Israeli gunship smokes a couple more of their murderers. I love the outraged ‘what the fuck!’ looks on their faces as they point and gesticulate and beat their chests. We need more of this sort of thing. I saw one stupid ragfucker blast his M16 into the air, and the string of hot empty brass hosed out over his shoulder and into the face of one of his fellow Ragellians…priceless!
And don’t get me started on the stupid Israelis…why the uniform of the day for those saps isn’t tight short pants and T-shirts I’ll never understand. You see some fucker wearing something else, assume bomb and shoot the sonofabitch…simple. Oh well…crikey, I’d pay good money for this shit on pay-per-view.

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